Our Philosophy

Rufus Woods

World photo/Mike Bonnicksen
Rufus Woods, Publisher of the Wenatchee World

The Art of Community NCW web site is dedicated to discovering, encouraging and celebrating creative community building in North Central Washington. As the publisher of The Wenatchee World, I have come to believe that collaboration is crucial to creating healthy, resilient communities. This digital effort is intended to be a laboratory for creative community-building efforts. We are fortunate in this region to have a great many people who are devoted to community interest rather than self interest and who are  passionately engaged in endeavors that bring us together as human beings and create a richer, more connected experience.

I hope as you explore this web site, that you will discover ways to encourage community building. This is a project that everyone can participate in. You are invited to share your ideas and thoughts as well as share ideas about community-building efforts that you see in your neighborhood or community.

Rufus Woods
Publisher, The Wenatchee World